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Surprised by dicks

I made this secondary blog specifically because I wanted to talk about porn. But sometimes I forget that and I scroll down my page all

"Awww, look at all these cute little gay boys. I love them so much!"


"Yup, that’s a penis"

I shouldn’t be surprised, genitals in media and my love thereof is the whole reason I started this blog.

Yet the dicks occasionally sneak up on me.

Also, browsing through my collection currently.

I’m tired so I’m not wholly committed, like not sure if want to fap or not, to Helix Studios The Devil Makes 3.

It’s lovely so far, though. 

At first I got excited because I though my little twink friend gay porn’s Michael Cera had returned and was now about to quietly mumble his sexy love ramblings (with plenty of Cera-esque ellipses) to two other boys. But alas, I was mistaken.

I could find the scene I know him from and reverse look up his name on 8teenboy , but that’s almost like work.

I want to say his name is Josh.

Anyhoo, I’m returning to the video. And if I actually get into it (not due to the video itself being something I can’t get into, my lack of commitment is entirely due to exhaustion and the fact that it’s almost 5am) my imaginary audience may have some liveblogging to look forward to!

But chea.

Porn on!


Fap on!

Or something to that effect, I’m trying establish a sign-off phrase in case anyone actually ends up following me…like ever (a blogger can dream).

I mostly just want other bloggers to follow me and think I’m cool, haha. 

But, as that seems a far off ambition, I have plenty of time to practice!


I actually had things I needed to accomplish today. But I decided to watch gay porn and eat ice cream simultaneously.

I am a disgusting human being and I should not be allowed to make adult life decisions.

Also, you know you’re OCD (or possibly just jaded) when you’re watching a “scene” and you start counting how much the “actors” say certain phrases. 

“That’s hot” and “That’s so hot”: 5 times

“Absolutely”: 4 times

Oh my god, what has my life become?!

A preview for this wonderful scene, obviously still hot despite the occasional catch phrase, can be found at:

And if you watch the whole thing you get to see a little cameo of Max Carter’s dog at the beginning (and I’m not that much of a creeper, I just googled Max Carter and his twitter popped up and I saw that he had a separate twitter for his fab pooch, okay so only a little creepy…) Jake.

Or his full name may actually be Canine Jake, I don’t really know that much (because again, not a stalker just a curious fan) except that he (the dog) has his own twitter and super glamorous highlights on his little fuzzy ears.

Check the pampered pooch out here:

I was on it for a hot minute looking at his cute photos before I realized I was stalking the twitter of a porn star’s dog.

I’m really not helping my not a creeper argument.

I prefer the term enthusiastic.

Not Porn but Cool Anyway


I encourage my meager list of followers anyone who actually might read this to check out this survey. 

The link is:

It was created at the Kinsey Institute to determine individual sexual excitation and inhibition.

My professor was giving us the run down in my Psychology of Sexuality course.

I took it myself and it’s pretty interesting. I also believe it to be pretty accurate when I take my own sexual habits and reactions into account.

My friend also took it and, as I’ve know her for several years, I found her results to be pretty accurate.

The test is very simple and the answers are pretty straightforward, if a little simplistic (meaning that there’s smaller room for error in the collection of data, but not allowing for a wider range of answers and reactions).

So I encourage you guys to take the survey!

It’s informative and, if you’re a nerd like me it’s pretty fun (though that’s rather subjective as I’m a huge nerd about sexuality and sexual response).

Reblog and discuss your results with your friends!


Okay, just this one thing and I’ll stop live blogging my porn (for now).

This guy, in one of the “scenes” I’m watching is the Michael Cera of gay porn.

I. Shit. You. Not.

That was the first thing I thought upon observing his mannerisms and speech patterns.

He even said some naughty things in his psudo-Cera way. It was fucking presh.

Check out a preview at:

The guy that’s boning him is one of my favorite boys at

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